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6 Elegantly Designed Cafes Around The World

Introduction Japanese Cafe Ki and the Italian Caffé Florian feature an exquisite interior decor in addition to their unique menu. Here are 6 of the most elegant cafes that you need to go have a cup of coffee.

9 Most Powerful Samurai Weapons

Samurais are mostly imagined wielding a sharp sword, the popular Katana. But before the sword’s inception, Samurais relied on powerful spears and clubs. There are several other powerful weapons used by Samurai. Here are 9 brilliant weapons used by Samurais.

6 Amazing Grottos From Across The Planet

The Chinese Reed Flute Cave shines vibrantly from inside, while Mexican Giant Crystal Cave packs air temperatures as great as 580C. Check out our list of the 6 most magnificent caves on the planet.

Reed Flute Cave

5 Amazing Siberian Surprises

Did you know that the oldest proof of cancer was unearthed in Siberia? Or that you can find giant finger-shaped volcanic structures known as Stolby, only in Siberia? Here are the 5 best secrets of Siberia you should know about.

Ulan Ude
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