9 Enthralling Clocks That You Need to Know About

Have you ever heard of a clock that uses water to tellthe time? It is placed in Osaka, Japan. Here is the list of 9 timepieces that are a lot more than a mere chronometer.

9 Unusual Timepieces from Around the World

  1. Abraj al-Bait, Mecca, Saudi Arabia 

    It takes about 2 mn LED lights to light up the Abraj al-Bait’s clock at night. An observation deck, which is present at the base of the clock tower, permits tourists to get some of the most dramatic views of the sacred Muslim city. Fascinatingly, each face of the clock is 151ft in diameter.

  2. Chiang Rai Clock Tower, Thailand
    Chalermchai Kositpipat finished Chiang Rai Clock Tower in 2008AD. The golden clock tower echoes an audio and light thrice every night at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.
  3. Clock of the Long Now, Texas, US
    Clock of the Long Now, Texas, US
    Image Source : cdn0.wideopencountry.com

    Also known as The 10,000-Year Clock, Clock of the Long Now was developed by scientist Danny Hillis. The clock is about 200ft tall and is designed to accuratelyread time over the course of next 100 decades.

  4. Corpus Clock, Cambridge, England
    In 2008, John C. Taylor built the Corpus Clock. The unique chronometer features a 24-carot gold-plated disk. It makes use of 60 backlit slits to tell the time.
  5. Old Town Astronomical Clock, Prague, Czech Republic 

    Built by Jan Sindel and Mikulas of Kadane, Old Town Astronomical Clock tower was completed in 1410AD. The tower features a visitor deck that is built above the clock. The clock showcasesa model resembling each of the Twelve Apostles during each hour between 9am to 9pm.

  6. Spasskaya Tower, Moscow
    A short-lived tune is rung by the Spasskaya Tower’s clock every 15 minutes. The clock tower was built by Pietro Antonio Solari sometime in the late years of the 14th century.
  7. The Peace Tower, Ottawa, Canada 

    The 92-meter Peace Tower was built as a substitute to the earlier 55-meter Victoria Tower, which burned to ashes in 1916AD. The tower sits right in the middle of the Center Block, which is the chief structure of the parliament complex in Ottawa. The tower is also known as The Tower of Victory and Peace.

  8. The Water Clock, Osaka, Japan
    Japanese mechatronics manufacturer, Koei Industry built The Water Clock now placed at the Osaka Station City. This unique clock tells time using 400 computer-controlled water nozzles and space printing. The clock consumes about 30 litres water in a single minute.
  9. Zytglogge, Bern, Switzerland 

    In 1530AD, Switzerland authorities built a lavishly beautiful clock in old part of the capital city of Bern. The clock features a beautiful theme of astronomy, including astral figures built as the hands of the clock. 

While The 10,000-Year Clock can tell time for the next 10,000 years, Osaka’s water clock is a delight to watch.

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