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Creepiest lizard species that will shock you

The mere sight of lizards or reptiles can make some people feel uncomfortable. There are some species of lizards which are simply disgusting and weird looking and probably you have never seen them before in your life. Today’s Top Articles:

Unbelievable Friendship Between a Man and 38 Lions

This is unbelievable show of affection between wild animals and human. This lovely association is worth watching. This man has tamed these wild animals into pets, all the appreciation to this man’s efforts and love for these wild animals.

Coolest pic of the day – Animals in harmony

Animals in harmony, humans still finding their way! We call ourselves a superior race; a race that’s educated, intelligent, advanced, tactful and so on. Superior race…that has forgotten peace, brotherhood, harmony etc. If that’s what…

Map animals – Animal figures using the world map!

Designer: Kentaro Nagai

Project: ‘Piece together for peace’

Outlay: Map animals. The designer has used the world map to form twelve animals from the Chinese zodiac.

First impression: Magnificent!!! Firstly, because of the artistry, to…

Stuffed animals couch is a comfy cuddle

Harrod’s Stuffed Animal Couch is by-far, the most appealing settee and the top most contender for the best Christmas gift. Its ‘age no bar’ design, speaks about the versatile market strategy, for which the designer is bound to get some exciting…

Pictorial – Mechanical Animals made from trash

Machines we’re, machines we want them to be!
But when it comes to art, these beasts come alive. If you still have doubts, just scroll down…

Spider Machine


Woody Mechanical Elephant


Mechanical Motorized..

Name Them: 30 animals in a single flick

All I want you to do after pondering over this flick for a while is to leave a list of thirty animals that you can see in the comments section underneath. It would be great if you could also add a caption to this image for that would then end my…

USB offerings from Minimoo: Animals on your PC!

Seems like every other day we are reporting on one USB device or the other. Are we bored to death already? Hell yes! But along comes something that just brightens our day. Minimoo’s USB drives are one of these special gizmos.

Minimoo is a Swedish..

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