Astounding facts you never knew about the giraffe

Man has interacted with giraffes for millennia. As this relationship is continuing from years, human have learnt many things about giraffes. Knowing giraffes from so many years, here are few interesting and incredible facts about giraffes, which can improve your knowledge about giraffes.

Shortest sleeping mammal

Shortest sleeping mammal

One of the strange facts about giraffes is that they do not sleep for long hours. In fact, they are the mammals with the shortest sleep. Giraffes sleep between ten minutes and two hours in a day, which makes them the mammal with the shortest sleep on this planet. Adopting this habit, Giraffes stay awake to safeguard themselves from their enemies.

Determine strength with necking

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Giraffes are often seeing rubbing their necks, but few know the reason behind it. Usually, necking is done to express love and affection for other giraffe. When two males are rubbing, banging, or twisting their neck, it means that they are measuring strengths. On the other hand, necking with some female giraffe, it is a way to express love, affection, and companionship.

Black and blue tongue protect from sunburn

giraffe tongue

Image Source : TheSun.Co.Uk

Giraffes have almost 50 cm long tongue, which is black and blue in color. The reason behind such a tongue is that it protects him from sunburn. Giraffe uses his long tongue for grabbing food. Moreover, giraffe uses his tongue like to groom himself, as he uses his tongue to clean his ears besides picking nose.

Long neck of giraffe hinders drinking water

Long neck of giraffe hinders drinking water

Long neck of giraffe, which otherwise looks beautiful, makes it quite difficult for them to drink water. Its neck is long but not enough to reach the source. Whenever a giraffe bends to drink water, its long neck does not reach down to the surface. For drinking water, giraffe has to awkwardly spread its front legs to reach down to the bottom for drinking water.

Trick to know giraffe’s age

Astounding facts of giraffe

You could tell the age of a giraffe by just a cursory examination of the animal. Look at the spots on the giraffe, the darker they are, more a giraffe will live.

Knowing so many facts about giraffe, we know more about it. Giraffes are a beautiful creature, which shares an amazing relationship with humans.

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