6 Amazing Grottos From Across The Planet

Reed Flute Cave

The Chinese Reed Flute Cave shines vibrantly from inside, while Mexican Giant Crystal Cave packs air temperatures as great as 580C. Check out our list of the 6 most magnificent caves on the planet.

6 Awe-Aspiring Cavers on Earth

Bystrianska Cave

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Located near the Slovakian town of Bystrá, Bystrianska Cave is a limestone cave discovered in 1926. The cave was opened for public exhibition in 1968. Until now, only 490m out of its estimated 2,637m stretch is available for public viewing. The limestone cave is 95m deep down the ground.

Giant Crystal Cave

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Miners from Naica Mine in Chihuahua Located in Mexico discovered the Cave of Crystals in 2000. Full of giant selenite crystals, the cave is 300m below the surface. The inner atmosphere of the cave is blazing hot with temperatures reaching as high as 580 Even if the cave doesn’t have a single standard stalactite, it has some of the largest selenite crystals ever found on the planet. The largest selenite crystal found in the cave is 4m in diameter and 12m in length. The gigantic crystal weighs a massive 55-ton.

Gouffre Mirolda

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With a depth measuring 5,685 feet, the French cave Gouffre Mirolda held 2 records in the past times. First, the cave was believed to be the deepest in the world for a fairly long period and second, it was the first cave to be explored to a distance more than 1km. Even if the cave is no longer the deepest cave in the world, it is still one of the deepest grottos on the planet.

Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave

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More than 180mn years old, Reed Flute Cave in Guilin is one of the most famous Chinese attractions for cave diggers. The cave is filled with weird-but-wonderful rock shapes made from rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. Several ink inscriptions found in the cave dates back to Tang Dynasty’s rule in 792AD. Some refugees that were fleeing from the Japanese soldiers in 1940s revived Reed Flute Cave.

Shakta Vjacheslav Pantjukhina

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West Caucasus is famous for 400 known grottos, out of which Shakta Vjacheslav Pantjukhina is the deepest. The Georgian cave ascends 4,948 feet into the darkness and is one of the most ventured Caucasian caves by spelunkers.

Vogelshacht and the Lamprechtsofen

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One of the leading candidates for being the world’s deepest cave system is the Austrian Vogelshacht and the Lamprechtsofen cave system. Cavers to find out its exact depth continuously explore the intersection of the caves. Till now, only 5,354 feet of the grotto system has been explored.


French grotto, Gouffre Mirolda or the Chinese Reed Flute Cave; which one of these amazing caves would you like to explore?

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