How Would You Re-Write #YourStory?

Do you read blogs or see ads on TV where they take old words to create new ones to buzz about? There are several passions that strum at our heart like strings of a guitar. World history at some point becomes #YourStory. How? We’ve all had that feeling of wanting to do something and feeling helpless on knowing how to get started. What makes us want to give back? Like bees we buzz about what we find exciting, authentic, and philanthropic.

What is one thing we’d love to change? There must be something we personally endured enough to know how to fix. What experience can we enlighten others about to change? What special fundraising drive can inspire the world to take notice and care – again? How can we tool great awareness campaigns, food drives, or marathons exciting enough to inspire involvement?

We are emotional beings. So the first step is building empathy. We talk about stuff everyday. We ask neighbors for advice. We talk to strangers when we have nowhere else to turn. Fundraising does all of this and provides necessary resources. It sheds light and gives voice to those who couldn’t speak or fight for their rights. In spiritual circles empathy is synonymous with emotional intelligence. We show heart smarts when we can relate to another’s story.

Emotional Intelligence is a New Age term with ancient values of wisdom, which essentially means being heart smart. We are most effective at communicating when we can relate to what another is experiencing. Being heart smart gives hope that the world can be better because it reveals what can be done and how assistance can be most effective. We become voices for those in need. It is empowering to see the faces of those lives we’ve forever changed for the best. But it starts as a spark, an idea, and an ambition. We can make the wheels of fortune spin for others with fundraising.

Great Pyramid of Giza

We can longer ignore the hunger of a world in need of more love, greater care, and demand for more services. Society is growing. Family structures are evolving in some places and not enough in others. Shifts in income means a shift in moral values. We are no longer living in the homes Mom and Dad grew up in. In many cases, it’s worse. What we needed then is not what is needed now to balance unjust scales of resource distribution. We can’t tell our children they can’t eat because Congress couldn’t come to an agreement. We can’t pay our bills with growling stomachs or if we are too sick to get out of bed. Sadly, this is how life goes for many on the daily.

The world needs more heroes like us. Heroes must be well equipped to handle the demands of supplying funds to worthy causes. Heroes need to be organized and aware, themselves of where to go for resources. No one expects us to save the world but we can pick one issue at a time to fundraise tools of understanding. It takes resources to get others back on their feet. That donation means eating for the day to unemployed families, malnourished seniors, or underprivileged school kids. Extra bucks we spend on a coffee could be someone’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or medicine. Oh the smile of appreciation they give when they know there’s an angel looking out. It’s the little things that truly count.

There are several organized methods of giving back without giving out all one’s resources. We thought of this when we created products to use for fundraising. We want the world’s next heroes to be well equipped to handle any fundraising demand. All it takes is ambition, a vision, goals, and a budget. Everything can flow like music when we have the right support systems available to direct our steps. It’s a comfort to know there is assistance on getting started with any fundraising activity. With less technical there can be more space for the creative to inspire greater involvement.

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