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Surprising and incredible facts about human evolution

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Thinking of Human Evolution, our minds wander back to thousand years. When we think of our evolution, we have many things in our mind. Like whom we were and where did we come from and why we did things this way?

Human Evolution has always been a mystery. As many people put pieces of the puzzle together, more facts emerge about the evolution of humanity. Here are few incredible things about Human Evolution, which will make us more knowledgeable about it also answering some of your questions.

Human started with weird hairstyles

While we started with Human Evolution, we never had lustrous and silky hair. Almost every human that existed that time had very thick hair. Moreover, their hair was so thick that they could not even fall on their neck or back. With passing time, humans lost this thickness and as a result, our hair started resting on our neck and back.

Males had strong and muscular face


Almost every male human had robust faces at the beginning of the Human “Revolution”. The reason behind it could be the raw food that they ate. As they were not familiar with source that could cook their food, they had to eat it raw. Raw food is quite hard, which needs strong jaws to chew it. Moreover, they build robust faces to get rid of any injury on their faces. They focused on making those bones strong, which were likely to break or fracture the most. Making face bones and muscles strong get them rid of the pain that and breaks that punching would get them.

Blue eyes mystery

Looking at the blue-eyed person, we wonder how they get them. Blue eyes have always been a mystery, but not anymore. With the start of Human Evolution, every human, whether male or female had brown eyes. Then genetic mutation happened at Black Sea, which turned brown eyes into blue. And since then many people among us are born with blue eyes.

Throwing skills

Throwing skills

One of the best things that we learned from our ancestors is throwing. Looking at throwing skills of many players today, we can imagine where these skills have come from. At the beginning of Human Revolution, our ancestors used to hunt food by throwing sharp instruments towards them. That is how we learned throwing skills form our ancestors.

As Human Evolution is quite ancient, this makes it more mysterious. Knowing about our own evolution is quite interesting. It not only makes us familiar with our past but also makes us knowledgeable about our ancestors, who taught us many things and made us a modern human.

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