Venus Joins Jupiter, November 13: Lining up perfectly in the sky and perfectly parallel to Venus, it would be one in a life time opportunity to view this rare event of 2017. Although Venus would look more brighter being more closer to us but both the planets would be quite visible on the eastern horizon. Also the two planets would be separated only by 18 minutes arc and the battling glare of twilight would just be the cherry on the cake. Therefore, many gossips have been occurring about the November 2017 rare event of Venus and Jupiter. This event would be extremely beautiful and close considering the distance of earth from Venus. Also, the rare event of 2017 would take place low on the horizons therefore; binoculars will make the event more interesting and enjoyable.

Jupiter as described by the Jews is considered as the planet of Messiah whereas Venus is the second planet from the sun and also popular by the name of Earth’s sister planet. It has been a prime target for understanding the creation of earth as well as of the universe. It lies very close to the sun. The November 2017 rare event of Venus and Jupiter will share the same ascension with Venus passing 0 degrees 16 minutes to the north of Jupiter. As from Panchkula the Venus and Jupiter event 2017 would be not seen properly as the alignment of the planets would be taking place directly above the horizon and to be precise 8 degrees low the horizon. But one can always use the web to view such a natural and celestial beauty. Although the pair would be visible to the naked eye but the Venus and Jupiter rare event 2017 would also fit in the telescopic view and would be captured and cherished among the astrologers and astronauts. The pair would be at an angular separation of 13 degrees from the sun which will be at Libra zodiac sun sign constellation at that time of the year. Although moon and Jupiter will be seen paired and in line in April, but this event is not as hyped as the Venus joining Jupiter on November 13th. So we can’t miss an event of such celestial beauty.

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