Plan your holiday to experience these celestial events in 2017. These are some of the celestial events you cannot miss in 2017. Celestial events are regarded as most auspicious and a breathtaking. They cannot be man-made and therefore only can be seen at a specified time and at a specified place. From meteor showers to the solar eclipses, everything makes different and unusual shapes in the sky, here are the list of 2017 celestial events you must see:

  • Total Solar Eclipse, August 21:
    US hasn’t seen a total solar eclipse since 1979. So, people there would be very excited and careful about it. The eclipse will occur directly over the country and it would be during the daylight hours and therefore it would be visible throughout the country. If you miss this one, you will have to wait until 2024 to see the next one, thus it is one of the celestial events you cannot miss in 2017.


  • Venus Joins Jupiter, November 13:

    Jupiter would line up perfectly in the sky parallel to Venus. It would be one in a lifetime view. Although Venus would look more brighter being more closer to us but both the planets would be quite visible on the eastern horizon. In addition, the two planets would be separated only by 18 arc minutes and the battling glare of twilight would just be the cherry on the cake.

  • Leonid Meteor Shower, November 16-17:

    During this time of the month, Earth would pass over a range of debris left by the Tempel-Tuttle comet, which means that the front part of the earth would be facing a few meteors entering its gravity. However, both the speed and intensity of the meteors would be very less. This period is also termed as the Leonids. Therefore it is one the 2017 celestial events you must see.


  • Geminid Meteor Shower, December 6-19:
    These are considered as the most reliable meteor showers to watch in any year, though they are not harmful and are merely catchy to eye. This meteor shower will constitute of as many as 120 meteors per hour marching right from the space into the earth’s orbit. The Geminid are known to be quite marvelous and prolific in nature. Also this year the moon crescent would provide the perfect viewing landscape for the meteor shower and therefore you can plan your holiday to experience these celestial events in 2017.

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