Music, sports, festivals, beer, wine and dancing, these are some of best recreational activities one looks forward to. Making a travelling plan is no less than planning an invasion into the enemy territory when you are outnumbered by 3:1. Travelling events in 2017 have made a mark of their own and hence here are the top most events that have changed 2017:

  • TOUR DE FRANCE, France, July 1-23: TOUR-DE-FRANCE

    Le Tour is regarded as world’s most renowned event. The French event is quite an extravaganza in itself as an event at this bag scale has absolutely free attendance in today’s times. Watching world’s finest cycling cyclers swizz pass you is a delight and moreover the countryside landscapes are soothing to the eye. The event is held at such high levels and yet it is organized beautifully. This makes it one of the events that have changed 2017.


  • BURNING MAN, Black Rock city, USA, August 27-Septmeber 04:BURNING-MAN

    Although contrary to what the name suggests it is not a ritual of the ancient times where a man was burnt alive to please the old and the new gods. Actually, it is one of the great cultural festivals where a record 80,000 attendance is present gathering in the Nevadan desert. If social experiments, arts, cultures, new age religions, peace finding, soul searching and other religious things are what you are looking for then you must go to this event. It is one of the 2017 events that have made a mark.


  • OKTOBERFEST, Munich, Germany, September 16- October 03:OKTOBERFEST

    Reinheitsgebot, Pale, Wheat and dark beers have their origin from Germany. Ranked as the third most beer drinking nation, a beer festival in Germany is a must visit. People in hundreds and thousands turn up in Munich to celebrate by drinking beer mugs, eating pork knuckles and doing things which currently may seem very awkward but once you are a pint or a mug down, they will look normal. Considering the German beauty this event is regarded as one of the best travelling events in 2017, it is a delight.

  • DAY OF THE DEAD, Mexico, October 31- Nov. 02: DAY-OF-THE-DEAD

    This day is marked by dressing up as saints and ghouls and heading to local cemeteries to celebrate the lives of the people who have departed. It’s unusual but unique. This is one of the 2017 events that have made a mark.

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