Self determination skills to avoid common misconceptions

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Everyone gets this feeling that they live someone else’s life from time to time. It shows up when we stop enjoying what we do. Endless assignments and paper writing do not make our life more exciting. In worse case scenarios, you combine tedious study with tedious work. If you go on like this, you risk living your life as if it is out of place. As soon as you realize what you do isn’t good for you, you know it’s time to act.

Misconception 1. I don’t have any talents

What we say: A friend of mine has many talents. He’s been a good writer ever since he was a child and now he does some professional writing and has a well-paid job at a custom essay writing service, for example I’m not as lucky as him; I don’t have any talents.

What things are really like: Believing in talents relieves you of responsibility. You can always complain you have bad luck and that’s exactly why you don’t have any special professional skills. Yes, someone whose parents are famous journalists has a chance to become a professional writer. But any kind of success in any area is first of all a great deal of applied effort and hard work. If you do work hard enough, you can get just as good at essay writing.

Misconception 2. It’s too late to change

What we say: It is too late to change things and start studying something new or getting a new job. I should have done this before… but now it’s not worth discussing.

What things are really like: Some people change many professions before they find their true vocation. No, we don’t suggest you need to leave everything and become a lumberjack somewhere in the country (unless you are really into that stuff, of course), but it’s really never late to make another choice. Isn’t it scary to think that you will spend the rest of your life doing something you hate?

Misconception 3. Changes are really hard


What we say: It’s better to leave things as they are now than starting everything over again. I just don’t want to bother.

What things are really like: Yes, changes are not easy. Maybe you’ll have to face a great deal of resistance, your friends and family may not understand your choices and it may seem like odds are against you. But it’s really worth trying. Even tons of time-consuming bureaucracy won’t last forever and it’s just a small obstacle comparing to the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Make a plan, get some advice and go for it.

Misconception 4. New job needs working experience

What we say: No employer would accept someone without any working experience

What things are really like: People have jobs that are not connected with their university degrees in any way. Your employer is not so much interested in what your diploma says as in your skills and knowledge. Even if you are still a student and have no degree so far, you may have some quality knowledge you can use. You can always prove that during a job interview.

Misconception 5. No one will support me in this


What we say: My family will kill me if I don’t get this medical degree. Everyone is a health professional in my family and I must continue the tradition.

What things are really like: It’s your life. Yes, your parents may get upset with you, but just try to imagine a life where you must get their approval for every little thing. It would be best to talk to them and explain that their choice for you makes you unhappy. You have a right to expect them to be interested in your happiness.

Misconception 6. I had to make my choice long ago

What we say: I learn about people who started their own business at 20 or became stars at 15 or got a patent and investments at 13. I’m already much older than that and I still don’t know what I want to do in life.

What things are really like: There’s nothing wrong with you. You can compare yourself to others endlessly – or you can try and find other success stories. World famous fashion designer Vera Wang worked as a journalist until the age of 39 and KFC founder Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant when he was 62. Don’t you think they were scared to start from scratch too?

Success has no connection to age. Yes, you hear a lot about young start uppers and it makes you think that only the young can get what they want. So stop comparing yourself to others and look for what really makes you tick. We don’t guarantee that active expressive writing in your blog will get you world fame, but it can really make your life better if you feel like it’s what you need to do.

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