MoonPhase Clock – Classic and Clear replica of the true

moon clock

We have seen various kinds of clocks, and yet there is a scope to see a lot more. One out a pack of such unrevealed timepiece is this one, that’s out of any on Earth – it’s a moon clock. Moon always gives us a pleasant and cool feeling, it’s a delight to see the illuminant celestial beauty, and how beautiful would it be if we could present it to someone. Moonphase Clock, a gift item from Gaiam, is a clock that has a moon mounted on it, ah, how decent and precious it looks embedded there. The numbers are so vividly portrayed in white over a black background, which gives it a classic and clear look. Bring home this Moon phase clock, which with time also displays the day and month, also displaying the different phases of the real thing, by rotating and all this for $89.00!

Via: Great Green Gadgets

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