7 horrific suicidal deaths stories from around the world

R.Budd Dwyer

Hearing of a suicide makes you reevaluate life and wonder why that person took his or her own life. Most suicides are straightforward as the suicidal person did not want to draw attention to themselves. Some people however, put a lot of thought in it, making elaborate, grisly plans and somehow choosing to make their end as painful and horrifying as possible. You can’t help but be shocked by some of the suicidal deaths stories which come to light. Check out some of them:

7 horrific suicidal deaths stories 

Headless driver

Gerald MellinImage Source : newsimg.bbc.co.uk

Gerald Mellin was extremely angry at his 33 year old wife for leaving him. He planned his suicide as a way to get back at her. He used his Aston Martin sports convertible, a rope and a tree to execute his suicide. Before killing himself, he showed his ex-wife the rope. He tied one end of the rope to his neck and the other to a tree, sat in his car and sped out, with the convertible’s top down. Many people on the road could see his horrible decapitation. This is one of the most gruesome suicidal deaths stories you will come across.

Bizarre suicide

Bizarre suicide

Ronald Opus’ suicide story is a completely bizarre and unrealistic. He jumped from the tenth story, but was actually killed by a shot from one of windows as he was falling. The elderly couple was having a fight, and the husband tried to shoot at his wife, missed, and shot Ronald. The couple was actually Ronald’s parents. And, Ronald had armed the shotgun, because he wanted his father to kill his mother, as he knew his father’s habit of threatening his mother with the gun (but the gun was always empty).

Ronald was upset with his father as he had stopped his allowance, and so devised this plan. But he got so impatient and upset that they were not arguing, that he jumped from the tenth story, and proceeded to be killed by the gunshot – the death he had planned for his mother!

Helicopter ride to death

Helicopter ride to deathImage Source : i.dailymail.co.uk

A man aged 61, plunged to death from the helicopter he had hired to view the beauty of South California. Apparently, he had a booking for two people, but he arrived alone. He kept requesting the pilot to climb higher and higher, then suddenly removed the seatbelt jumped. The pilot tried to grab him, but could not hold onto the man. Stories like these make suicides mysterious deaths, as there is no inkling that the suicidal person could ever attempt something like this.

Saw stories

homemade guillotine

Instead of trying poison, attempting a drowning or other comparatively less gruesome methods, two failed businessmen decided to kill each other with a circular saw. After one of them had cut the other’s hands and one hand of his own, their landlord saved them. Suicide by saw is one of the scariest suicide stories you can read about, as the pain involved would be excruciating.

Another of the suicidal deaths stories is that of a woman who went to great lengths to kill herself. Reading about her will make you realize that most suicidal people have serious diagnosable mental health problems. The lady in question rigged up a homemade guillotine for herself, and decapitated herself!

Death by tiger

Death by tigerImage Source : asiaone.com

You or I would definitely not like to even think about being devoured by a tiger, even in our dreams. But an upset young man, Nordin bin Montong, 32 years old, who worked at Singapore Zoo, chose to die by being torn apart by three tigers. He entered the white tiger enclosure, waved a broom at them, and then died a painful death when the tigers pounced on him and killed him. This suicide counts falls in the mysterious deaths category, as no one knew what led Nordin to behave as he did. 

One too many times


Committing suicide by firearms is usually a one-attempt affair. Even if the attempt is not successful, the gunshot will cause enough hurt for the person to be unable to move. One determined Aussie, however, carried on until he fulfilled his wish for self-destruction. First, he shot himself in the chest, but missed the vital organs.

This did not deter him – he shot himself again, under the chin this time, but managed to only partially blow out his face. The third time, which was luckily successful for him, with this face half gone, he shot himself again in the chest! This is certainly one of the most determined suicidal deaths stories you’ll ever come across.

Suicide on television

R.Budd Dwyer

Image Source : i.kym-cdn.com

R.Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvania State Treasurer was convicted of bribery in 1987. But Dwyer had something else in mind – during a TV news conference, he took out a .357 Magnum revolver, and urged people who would be upset by his action to leave. As others present in the room shouted ‘No’, Dwyer placed the gun inside his mouth and shot himself. His suicide was broadcasted live and it is one of the most gruesome public suicides ever to have happened.

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