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'Yoga in anywhere': Workout While you Play!

Yoga has been recognized as a great stress reliever, which benefits us not only mentally but also physically. The Japanese have realized that too much time in front of the computer or game console leaves little time for an exercise regime, accumulating pressure in the gamers. Therefore, KONAMI, a Japanese game company unveiled a game titled ‘Yoga in anywhere‘ during 2007 Tokyo Game Show.


The game, designed for Nintendo DS game console, helps people to learn Yoga while they play their game anywhere. All those who love to skip everything else for a game, will receive the best Yoga workout, right at their game spot!


Exercising can become monotonous at times, so this is an interesting option. Studio 55, a Canadian health club offers a new form of work out using Nintendo’s Wii workout station. Here people can work out with the help of the system’s movement- sensitive controller, or do so while watching a huge screen connected to the game console.
Who said exercise was boring?

Via: Aving

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