Understanding the meaning of 11:11 and how it can transform your life

meaning of 1111 and how it can transform your life

Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher popularized the theory that numbers have unique vibrational properties. Mathematics and science have proved that everything in the world has some precise mathematical principles governing them, for example gravity, movements of animals and birds as well as our habits. Modern mathematics was developed from Pythagoras’ theorems, but many believe that the science of numerology predates Pythagoras, and is derived from the Hebrew Kabbalah. Numerology can be used to discover the hidden truths about yourself as well as the world.

So, what is the meaning of 11:11? Let’s find out.

The meaning of 11:11spirituality

11 is a number which is considered to be ‘master number’ in numerology. It stands for intuition, enlightenment and insight. It is also the number which represents honesty, patients, spirituality, sensitivity and idealism. When it is paired with another 11, i.e. when it becomes 11 11 , or the angel number,  the meaning of 11:11 is said to be a message which the universe is sending to the person who sees it, to start becoming aware and conscious. So the 11 11 phenomenon is considered to be a direct message from spirit guides or your angels, indicating spiritual awakening. The 11 11 phenomenon is considered a good omen, and it means that you are on the right path spiritually.

Why you are seeing this number repeatedly

guardian angels are trying to send you an important message

If you have been wondering why you are seeing 11:11 everywhere, it might be because your guardian angels are trying to send you an important message. That it might be time for you to be aware of certain energy gateways being opened for you, for your spiritual growth. You may be mystified by seeing this number cropping up everywhere you see – on clocks, bank statements, license plates, posters, billboards – you may see it anywhere.

Some people even say that the meaning of 11:11 is that you can make a wish when you see 11 11, and it will come true! You should be happy when you see this number as it means positive things will happen to you.

So why are you seeing 11:11 – it is probably because it’s a sign from your higher self, soul, God and the Universe, that you are where you should be at this point of time. The significance of 11:11 angel number is that you are being told to tune in to the synchronicity and love of the universe. Amazing changes will happen to you if you’re open to receive them.

What do you do after seeing 11 11?

feeling of love and feel grounded

When your consciousness expands, you will start seeing 11 11 and other such repetitive numbers more and more. These seeming co-incidences are called synchronicity, and it means you are synchronous with the divine life flow. You might even see these numbers 4-5 times a day.

Initially, you may not realize the importance of these numbers or you may pass them off as being nothing but sheer co-incidences. But if you pay a little attention, and try to find out about them, you can make changes in your life for the better, following the guidance of the numbers. Once you become aware of yourself and your thoughts when you see 11 11, you would probably also experience a feeling of love and feel grounded. 11 11 signifies that there is something happening in the higher realms, which is beyond physical reality.

To receive the benefits of 11 11 you can do a few things such as:



Whenever you see 11 11, search within yourself and see how you feel. What were you thinking about when you saw the number? The significance of 11:11 angel number is that your spirit guides probably want you to stop and think about something you were thinking of (if it is good), and change your thought pattern if your though was negative. The 11 11 number will guide you to be on the straight and narrow and become a positive, loving, more spiritual person. Maybe if you were praying, you should keep on praying!

Be receptive

people who come into your life

The 11 11 numbers signifies spiritual growth which would occur in your life. A new change will take place in and around you. You have to keep in mind that all situations, feelings and people who come into your life are all opportunities sent from above for you to learn from them and to evolve spiritually.

Remain present and grounded


Stress is often caused because we over analyze things, which leads to anxiety and stress. The meaning of 11:11 is that you have to be present in the moment, and experience life at that moment. Deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques can help to stay in the moment, instead of focusing on fears of the future.

The significance of 11:11 angel number is also to remind you to express gratitude to the Creator. Giving thanks for everything in your life and the guidance you are receiving will expand your heart and uplift your spirit. The number 11 11 is thus a number which will help you become free of fear and anxiety, help you become grateful and guide you towards spiritual growth.

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