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The Handy Hot Jugz Sport Shower

jugz shower

How would it be if you could have a hot shower wherever and whenever you wanted to, and that too without the hassle of carrying along batteries and complicated mechanical parts? Yes, the Hot Jugz Sport Shower promises to give you all of that very conveniently. The portable shower can keep water warm for up to 6 hours and has a capacity of 2 gallons. It’s made of a sturdy, impact resistant plastic, and the pump carries with it a warranty of one year. You get a shower of 16 minutes due to the capacity of 2 gallons and the high rubber insulation keeps water hot or cold for a long period of time. So next time you plan to go camping, make it an accessory you remember to carry along. Go and get it from Wetsand for $59.

Via: Gearpatrol

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