Guide to Planning a Move to New House

Move to New House

Moving is stressful for everybody, but if you have precious possessions with significant monetary or personal value, particularly possessions that are delicate and easy to break, you’ll probably be even more stressed out when you move.

Here’s what you need to know about planning a move to a new house when you have important things to move.

1. Hire the Right Mover

You may be reluctant to use a mover at all if you have delicate and expensive things to move, but the right mover can actually make it much less likely that anything will be broken or damaged during the move. Black Tie Moving concierge services offers luxury moving solutions.

They have extensive experience moving the valuable possessions of celebrities and wealthy professionals. They have much more experience packaging and moving important and delicate things than you likely do and will probably do a better job of it. This is a full-service mover who can also coordinate pet moves, donations, and more.

2. Get Insurance

Moving valuable things and getting used to them in their new places always comes with some risk. Even the most well-packaged delicate object could be damaged if you drop it while you are arranging it in its new home.

All it takes is getting confused about where you are in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom to knock over something valuable. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to get insurance on all of the monetarily valuable possessions you’ll be moving.

3. Liquidate Where Possible

If you would rather have liquid capital than a delicate or valuable possession, this is a good time to make some sales. After all, you’ll be looking through everything you own as you take stock of it and get insurance on it anyways, so if you find some things that you’d rather not deal with moving or finding homes for in the new house, now is a good time to look into selling them.

4. Move Your Valuable and Delicate Possessions Without Anxiety

It’s scary to put your possessions in boxes and move them to a new house in any situation, but if your possessions are particularly delicate or priceless, you have additional concerns. A quality moving company is your best bet for ensuring that everything is packaged and transported as carefully as possible. That said, it’s a good idea to also get insurance on your valuable possessions and sell whatever you’re not interested in resettling in the new home.

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