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Finest Solar-Powered Halloween Lights of the Year

frankensteins monster bride solar light

This year, as compared to the last, we have an abundance of funky themed solar powered Halloween lights to brighten up our homes. A look at all the beautiful designs and you would want to pick them all up! To match up with the occasion, we have those that might scare quite a few, in the shape of witches, monsters, gargoyles and pumpkins.

There are others, which are on the cuter side and would put a smile on your lips. Halloween is a festival of costume parties, bonfires and a time to watch horror films, so you will get the most gruesome and scary looking lights to chose from. Beside, you do not need to worry about the electricity bill, because these wonderful lights charge during the day, to light up your home, all night long!

solar powered gargoyle

Via: Inventorspot

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