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SENZ umbrellas—all braced up for a storm!

senz umbrella can take a storm

Are you fed up with the regular, run-of-the-mill umbrellas that get inverted with a single gust of strong wind? Are you on the lookout for an umbrella that would enable you to get out even in a storm? If yes, your problems have just been solved! SENZ storm-proof umbrellas — the perfect product to carry if you have to get out in stormy weather. These contemporary and high-utility umbrellas can withstand strong gusts of wind and gale force winds of velocities up to 70mph.

The powerful frame and the patented aerodynamic design of the SENZ umbrellas ensures that they do not get inverted in the face of a storm. Just like a weathervane, these umbrellas can automatically detect the most comfortable position in strong winds. The ribs that are present in the umbrella’s frame absorb wind-forces against it, making the SENZ almost immune to damage in a storm. SENZ umbrellas are of immense use to anyone who has to go out in unfavourable weather. These umbrellas, with their smart design structures, sport a stylish and elegant look too. Get a SENZ storm-proof umbrella, and make strong, stormy winds as harmless as a mere breeze!

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