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Victor launches cute cubic speakers

victor sp a440

Everything is going small, compact and handy in the modern world. Speakers are no exception. Renowned Japanese company, Victor, announced the launch of its cube-shaped 2 channel speaker ‘SP-A440’. The speakers look smart and sophisticated. I like the little 61.5 x 61.5 x 63mm cubes much better than the big rectangular boxes I had bought years back. These are going to be easy to carry around as they are conveniently lightweight, 163g(left)/146g(right).

The SP-A440 is available in four different colors including black, red, silver and white. Choose the color you think would go best with your home decor. I think the red looks a bit too gaudy, and red speakers would look strange anyway. If you think white will be difficult to maintain, go for the classic black.

If you want a pair, you will have to wait for some time, because these speakers wouldn’t hit the market before the end of February. The price, in all probability, would be 5,000(JPY).

Source: Aving

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