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Relive Beauty and the Beast with these gothic goblets

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For wine lovers, not getting their daily fix of the reds can be quite traumatic. And the thought of wine-deprived ghosts haunting wine cellars has always been a bit of a personal nightmare for me, which is exactly why this bizarre yet amusing Love Beyond The Grave Goblet makes so much sense. Laced around a gothic centerpiece with a classic acanthus leaf base and eerie turned central holders, are two the darkly romantic skeleton hands holding crystal-tipped wine glasses that very much remind one the fairytale Beauty and the Beast! The hand crafted bar accessory features 13 meticulously carved castings that are hand polished and solder-assembled to provide your bar with a hint of the medieval and antique ambience. Retailing for £294, the fiendishly magnificent bar accessory truly makes a great case for costume parties and lovers of gothic cults!

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