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Poo producing machine offers animal feces for sale

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Poo producing machine offers animal feces for sale! Just when you thought pooping with an audience was too much of a marketing gimmick for you, clever PR people over at Cloaca came out with an ingenious plan to convince you to buy scientifically produced animal poop. Yeah, you heard it, animal poop. Born out of an art installation created by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, the machine apparently lets visitors at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, Belgium see for themselves how animals create the nasty stuff. By simulating “digestion” and producing poo, the Cloaca machine offers audiences an unprecedented view of how the food makes its way through a series of glass containers representing various stages of digestion.

The Cloaca machine (Cloaca being the zoological term for the posterior opening of animal) also produces actual feces at the end of the process which are then vacuum-packed and offered for sale in translucent boxes. Im not sure who the company’s target customers are but if they actually manage to sell this stuff, it sure will beat the selling ice to Eskimos adage right out of the dictionaries!

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Source: Impact Lab


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