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Pipeline Fish Tank: Freakin awesome!

pipeline fish tank
I have always hated aquariums. Not only do I think they are sheer wastage of money, but to add to that, fishes look really miserable in there. I mean, think about it, how would you feel if you were doomed to spend your life in a smallish room with no chances of getting out alive?

However, my thinking about fish-tanks has undergone a paradigm shift, after I came across the images of what has been tagged as: ‘Pipeline Fish Tank.’ This mega aquarium spans across the entire room, of what looks like a cafe to me.

Two fish tanks have been interconnected by glass pipes, which are filled up with water as well. The fishes are free to travel through these pipelines into either tank. The images of this mega structure are in the gallery. Just imagine what the fishes feel in this mega-city, at least by their moderate standards.

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