Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Professional Printing

Like most of us, you probably order your business and personal printing products without much thought to the process or materials used. Invitations, business cards, postcards and vinyl banners look great because of a combination of quality materials and innovative printing techniques. This article will reveal some little known facts about professional printing that will make you a more educated consumer and more appreciative of your printer.


Edge Painting


So, you just ordered a bundle of customized postcards to send as save the date reminders for your upcoming wedding. You opted for edge painting in your favorite shade of royal blue because it coordinates with the ink (and it’s your favorite color). But, you probably don’t know how much work goes into this process. Here’s a short description of how it’s done:


  1. First, paper (business cards, postcards or invitations) must be stacked neatly on a padding press. Cards should be as snug as possible with edges exposed for the painting process.
  2. Next, a brayer is used to apply the ink. The brayer can be rolled on a glass surface to make sure that the ink spreads evenly and covers completely.
  3. Apply the ink with light pressure along the edge of the paper. When completed, use a piece of cotton cloth to remove any excess ink.
  4. Last, let the cards dry completely and repeat with remaining edges. The end result is truly worth every penny. Color seams are also a creative way to add a splash of color and excitement to cards of any kind in a less expensive and more efficient way: Here’s an example from my preferred online printer.


Metallic Foil


For most people setting out to make a statement with their advertising, custom printing is at the top of the list. There are many techniques that can aide in transforming an ordinary business or greeting card into a work of art. Metallic hot foil, like edge painting, sets your particular print project apart. Let’s take a look at how metallic foil works its magic:


  1. Metallic foil, typically in gold or silver, is a printing technique that uses heat and pressure to create the desired effect. If you are designing business cards for your new venture, metallic foil produces elegant and professional print products. Take a look at these.
  2. To create the metallic foil finish, your trusted printer will take a metal die, your choice of paper stock and insert a foil material in the center.
  3. The die then presses the foil onto the paper and the heat triggers the adhesive. Too much or too little heat will affect the finished product. Just the right amount of heat will make for a dazzling outcome.

Respecting the Environment


As consumers become more conscious of how their purchases affect the environment, more and more professional printers are turning to soy based inks. Unlike petroleum based ink, soy ink is made of soybeans and is more environmentally friendly, and provides more accurate colors. Papers printed with soy ink are much easier to recycle because soy inks can be removed more efficiently than regular inks during the de-inking process.


Next time you order print materials for your business or for pleasure, consider custom techniques like edge painting, color seams, and metallic foils to make a powerful first impression. Ask your printer if he uses soy based inks and implements other environmentally friendly practices. We hope this article inspires you to design incredible print materials for your next project or celebration.


What is your favorite print technique? Which one of these will you use for your next print job? We would love your feedback!

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