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Digital streaming networks continue to soar in global popularity. From YouTube to Hulu to Dailymotion, there are several choices available to expand your HD television’s lineup and choices. When it comes to accessing your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, or documentaries, services like Getflix also offer American Netflix to subscribers at cost-affordable rates. Utilizing cutting-edge Domain Name System (DNS) technologies and platforms, programs can be streamed to a plethora of devices and components. This includes I-Phones, I-Pads, Kindles, and even traditional desktops and laptops with the right HDMI components, software, and apps.


With popular shows and series like “The Get Down”, “Narcos”, “Z-Nation”, and much more, Netflix is arguably the top online digital streaming service provider in the world today – in exchange for a monthly subscription plan via Apple TV or through their wireless and digital devices. With smart DNS services however, you can get American Netflix on your systems at a fraction of the price and with access to new and existing channels.

DNS Proxy for Accessing Netflix

DNS proxy services are in high demand across the world; proxies are the true alternative to traditional landline and fiber-optic-based cable. With online streaming and digital downloads, DNS services ensure maximum access to American Netflix shows across a myriad of networks. You simply need a wireless, remote, or digital device to access DNS for movies, which is a better option than traditional cable and all the problems that are associated with those services. It allows you to access your favorite programs without delay at anytime and from any device. While planned maintenance does occur, DNS servers keep these updates running in the background to not to interrupt any live streaming of top shows and films.

In order to access American Netflix via DNS smart servers, there are certain components and requirements needed to maximize your viewing experience. It is advised that you have all required software, apps, and operating systems updated to reap the benefits of online digital streaming. Other mandatory criteria include:


  • High-speed Internet access or Wi-Fi for online streaming formats
  • Compatible hardware and software apps for digital and streaming acceleration
  • Ensure your firewall is synced to allow DNS and Netflix access for your system
  • Ensure your anti-virus apps do not conflict with in-window or pop-up screens (if desired) for viewing American Netflix via Getflix DNS
  • Enough memory on main or external drive to facilitate online live streaming of shows, movies, documentaries, and more

The DNS Difference

DNS is truly the future of online digital streaming and entertainment. Users simply have to find the right service providers to meet all their media needs within time and budget. With new shows and original series blanketing Netflix at every turn, Getflix is a valuable service that continues to connect thousands of subscribers from all corners of the globe.

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