Pyramat Entertainment System Sound Mat

pyramat entertainment system sound mat

If you are a gaming-geek then this Entertainment System Sound Mat is all what you could have asked for! Now you don’t need to be grounded for hours for you can now lie down comfortably even while you play! The Pyramat mat is loaded with hi-tech like it includes two 4″ 25 watt coaxial speakers, a 25 watt subwoofer, detachable remote, pockets for your remote or your cell-phone and between the pockets is a variety of A/V ports so you can connect everything from your Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, TV, DVD Player, or Stereo. The mat features dual-layer cushions for maximum comfort. The bottom layer elevates you off the ground, the top form-fitting layer is molded to support your neck and back for maximum comfort and no aching. And, if you love to play for hours at-a-stretch then don’t worry! The mat is made of rip-stop fabric cover and the wipeable nylon used in the mat allows you to clean it properly too! The mat is easily portable and is priced at $140. Check-out more picture at WonderfullyWhacky!

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