Mogoon’s MP3 and WMA-Playing Teddy Bear

teddy bear mp3 playerThough a Teddy Bear MP3 Player is not a new thing that we have not discussed earlier, but, this MP3 teddy bear is not just all about its musical feature. Besides, the cute teddy bear named Bandy has got a built-in SD slot for loading up tunes or serialized versions of its fictional pre-history. Teddybar Bandy is a music player, fairy tale storyteller and it also arranges for the children spielerisch knowledge. So, the cute bear is just the perfect companion for your kids which will give your kid the right dose of entertainment with equal proportions of knowledge. And, the bear is also dust-proof, splash-proof, and is well-padded to be able to withstand falls from up to two meters, which further makes it a perfect toy for the naughty kids. The Bandy bear sells for just $88.

Cool Factor: Musical Bear With Hi-Tech Features

via Engadget

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