8 most unreal sci-fi gadgets ever

Flying car

We love science fiction for the incredible, awesome, unreal world it transports us too. The amazing gadgets are to die for, and everyone wants their favorite gadget to be real. As many of the cool stuff we saw on Star Trek has come true, such as the PADDs and communicators, we assume that as science progresses, other fantastic technologies will also come true. But sadly, these unreal sci-fi gadgets will never exist in reality.

8 unreal sci-fi gadgets which will never exist

Teleportation device

Teleportation station

Who wouldn’t love to be teleported from Earth to Mars and back? Or just visit your favorite city on Earth in your teleportation pod, have dinner there and come back in time to sleep in your own sweet bed? Well, that’s never going to happen. Gene Roddenberry’s imagination saved a ton of money for Star Trek, as it saved scenes of landing as well as taking off.

Though quantum transportation has been possible in the lab, but transporting a human is a different story altogether. It involves ‘destructive copying’ in which the original human is destroyed and an exact copy arrives at the destination. The energy and physical requirements make it impossible for a human to be teleported, with every molecule in the exact place! This is one of the science fiction technologies that we would never see!



Kids and grownups are equally crazy about this weapon. The Star Wars lightsaber is definitely one of the unreal sci-fi gadgets which will never see the light of day. The most difficult challenge is to figure out how to stop light beams two feet away from the source. Concentrated lightbeams cannot cut through other material at all, as light needs gets reflected or absorbed. So lightsabers don’t exist now and never will. Lightsabers may be one of the most popular sci-fi gadgets, but they will live only in reel life and not in real life.

Active camouflage outfit

Active camouflage outfitImage Source : cdn1.thr.com

This sci-fi outfit was immortalized in the movie “Predator”, where the alien was so cleverly camouflaged. Though this outfit would have come to some use for hide’n’seek games and for the military, it is something which is also a science fiction technology, which will remain alien to us!


example of bioport

Image Source : cronenbergmuseum.tiff.net

The movie Matrix had a lot of concepts which blew our minds totally! It was a one of a kind of movie with gadgets like the bioport. It was a device attached to the brain which controlled the human and kept them in a simulated reality. The rebels used the devices to learn skills to break the virtual reality and rescue humans to the ‘real existence’.

Another example of bioports could be seen in the movie ‘Existenz’, in which the characters attached bioports to the spine to play a dangerous hyper-reality game. Such pain just to play a game is a deterrent for normal humans. So it’s unlikely that bioports will ever exist.

Time Machine

Time Machine

Show me someone who doesn’t want one! A Time Machine will be perfect for us, as we can erase mistakes of the past, or move to any point in the future at will. Einstein’s wormholes can connect two separate regions divided by time and space. But to use the theory we would need the energy of a star or a black hole. Even if we were able to do that, then the wormhole entry point has to be stable till the time of return.

But supposing humans were able to achieve even that, then the ‘grandfather paradox’ of metaphysics suggests that any tech which destroys yourself (predecessor/own ancestor) cannot exist as it can break the cosmos. So, sadly, time machines are one of the unreal sci-fi gadgets which will never come into being.

Flying cars

Flying carWe have been dreaming of flying cars for ages, and most of us (yours truly) still believe we would be flying around in the skies someday, in our own cars. However, it seems that this technology will not be real, at least in this century. Your great, great grandkids just might have a chance of zipping around in cool cars but the technology doesn’t exist yet! So another addition on this list of unreal sci-fi gadgets, is the flying car.

Disintegration Ray

Disintegration RayImage Source : wixmp.com

The Ray Gun resides in the imagination and will continue to do so. Though the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku points out that it does not any of laws of physics/nature, even then it is too complicated. So much so that no scientist has ever tried to develop it. Another of the sci-fi gadgets which don’t exist  and will never do.


NeuralyzerMen in Black’s neuralyzer is the star of the movie along with the other two stars. The neuralyzer is a gadget which erases people’s memory by a light flash. This gadget would have been most welcome, as we could erase all unwanted memories, and implant good memories. Fascinating gadget, but destined to remain in the virtual realm forever.

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