8 Medical Miracles that science cannot explain

The baby who was born twice

We are surrounded by a world of science where it is all about rationality and reason. In such circumstances miracles are often frowned upon. But there has in fact in the history of man been several miracles which logic can hardly justify. Medical miracles particularly have baffled men for a long time with some instances of people surviving the worst of mishaps. In this article we will be telling you all about the medical miracles that have no rational and easy explanation. Yet these did happen and make for an interesting reading.

The best of medical miracles

  1. The foetus parasite:Sanju Bhagat Sanju Bhagat was in for a surprise when doctors inspected him. What was initially thought to be a case of tumor that made his stomach enlarged was in fact a foetus living inside of him all his life. This was an instance of the extremely rare occurrence of a foetus forming inside another. It goes on undetected and the foetus survives like a parasite. After the removal however he managed to live a normal life but this still counts as one of the best medical miracles to have taken place.
  2. The decapitated boy: Jordan was in a car accident and once his head was attached people did not think there was any way he could survive. However it ranks among the best of medical miracles because even after the ordeal he managed to survive. Titanium was used to put his head back in place and by some miracle it defied science and worked. He is in fact now leading a normal life like the other children.
  3. Surviving a point blank gunshot: This is the miraculous case of Jory Aebly.
    Jory AeblyImage Source : s1-ssl.dmcdn.net
    He was shot point blank during a mugging incident. The bullet went through his brain and doctors did not have the slightest hope for his survival. He however was healed and left the hospital after a month. After his miraculous recovery the only problem he continues to have is the problem in recognizing people as that part of the brain was affected.
  4. The wrong heart placement: Cristopher Wall was born with a condition where his heart was located outside his body. In this unexplainable event survival beyond the first few minutes was very unlikely but that is what happened. There were countless surgeries conducted on him and eventually the doctors were able to make a compartment for his heart from his hip bones. This is the strangest among the medical miracles because the man lives on with a more or less normal life.
  5. The miraculous save after drowning:Dale OstranderImage Source : s.abcnews.com
    Dale Ostrander was swimming in the Long Beach in Washington and the accident happened. He was taken further into the waters by a tide and by the time the rescuers managed to rescue him it was twenty minutes past. There was no breathing or pulse and he was as good as dead but after about four days there was a miraculous recovery and he got back to normal life. This is among those medical miracles that is hard to believe but is indeed true.
  6. The fall from the skyscraper: There was some work going on at the 47th floor of a New York skyscraper. Suddenly the platform fell to the ground along with the two brothers who were on it. What happened next defied science. One of the brothers managed to escape death even after such a bad fall. While the other one died on the impact, he managed to survive the ordeal. However his condition was extremely fragile and he had to be operated on right there as shifting him was not a valid option.
  7. The man in half:
    Peng Shuiling The man in halfImage Source : snopes.com
    In one of the worst road accidents Peng Shuiling was almost cut in half. He managed to survive the accident and through several complex surgeries his insides were reconfigured. It was on robotic legs and inside a giant egg cup that he could still move around. While his survival is the miracle in itself a bigger miracle is his tough mentality with which he even went on to open a store and run it successfully.
  8. The baby who was born twice:The baby who was born twiceImage Source : imagesvc.timeincapp.com

    During the sixth month of pregnancy the parents found out that there was a growing tumor right beside the baby. So it had to be operated and it meant taking the foetus out temporarily and then putting it in. The miraculous part was that it worked and the baby was born after three months and was healthy.

Final words

These are among the best of the unexplainable event around the world. Indeed there is so much that science cannot explain and the list of miraculous recovery only testifies to it. The next time you dismiss the impossible remember these events that we just narrated to you. If these could be possible, surely there is little that ranks among the impossible.

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