8 – Deadliest Special Forces in the world

SAS(Special Air Service); United Kingdom

In a world of terrorism and other threats the security of a country is of paramount importance. A country needs to be always on the alert for any incidents that may threaten the national security and for this purpose they rely heavily on their security forces. The special forces among them are all the more important. These Special Forces are trained with special skills of warfare and spell doom for their enemies.

In this article we will be bringing to you some such instances of the deadliest Special Forces that you might find around the world. So here for you are the best commandoes from various nations who are so skilled that they have made their country proud time and again.

The list of the deadliest Special Forces

  1. Eko Cobra; Austria:

    Eko Cobra; Austria
    Image Source : i.redd.it

    This was established in the year 1978 and it has since then been running as a semi autonomous body under the jurisdiction of the Austrian interior Ministry. They are known for their exemplary display of valor and their expertise has been hostage rescue operations over the years. This group of Special Forces have in fact the record of conducting a hostage rescue operation in a moving aircraft which is the only such instance in the world giving them the tag of one of the best commandoes that you would find around the world.
  2. GSG-9; Germany:

    GSG-9; Germany
    Image Source : thefirearmblog.com

    They are regarded by many as one of the deadliest Special Forces around the world and for good reason. This Special Force was formed after the Olympic massacre that took place resulting in the deaths of Israeli athletes. The German police at that point was found to be incompetent in dealing with such situations but with the formation of these Special Forces, the situation has clearly changed for the better. They have over 1500 operations under their belt and counter terrorism has been their specialty over the years.
  3. JTF2; Canada:

    JTF2; Canada
    Image Source : images.thestar.com

    Their origin may have been more recent if compared to some of the deadliest Special Forces but the JTF2 in the short time period since their inception have made a name for themselves. These Special Forces even served in the Afghan wars and their nature of service was so very secretive that even the Prime Minister of the country was completely unaware of their actions. For their success and performance they find themselves in many special operation teams.
  4. Delta Force; USA:

    Delta Force; USA
    Image Source : alchetron.com

    It is no surprise that USA finds itself in the world ranking of the best of Special Forces. With so much of their efforts in strengthening their armed forces and so much of money spent for this purpose, the delta force is the best of results that they could have asked for. After some of the worst terror attacks in the 1970s it was formed in 1977 and has since then been sought after multiple times. So rigorous and difficult is the selection process that out of every 250 men taking training, only about 12 manages to complete the same.
  5. Alpha Group; Russia:

    Alpha Group; Russia
    Image Source : sun9-6.userapi.com

    It is easily one of the most ruthless forces that you will see in action. When it comes to Special Forces the Alpha Group is the Russian answer to all the abilities of USA and its allies. They have been part of some important counter terrorism and hostage situations some of the notable being the rescue of Russian diplomats and the Moscow theatre siege incident.
  6. Navy Seals:

    Navy Seals
    Image Source : cdn.hswstatic.com

    They are one of the most capable forces when it comes to a special operation. Formed in the wake of Vietnam War this elite force is regarded highly for physical and mental strength of the members. It is also deployed all over the world for such high profile missions.
  7. SAS(Special Air Service); United Kingdom:

    SAS(Special Air Service); United Kingdom
    Image Source : static.independent.co.uk

    Found way back in 1941 this stands as one of the oldest and deadliest Special Forces that the world has seen. They have been instrumental in multiple missions all over the world. Their principles are often the standards which other countries set for themselves while selecting their own special forces.
  8. MARCOS; India:

    MARCOS; India
    Image Source : i.dailymail.co.uk

    The Indian navy is the proud possessor of this Special Force which has been operating since 1987. They have been successfully conducting many counter terrorist operations till date and they have experienced great success in such short time. They have trained with some of the best Special Forces in the world which clearly shows in their abilities and they have been successful whenever their services have been called upon.

Final words

These Special Forces are mostly used in any kind of special operation. Their skillful display of courage and valor makes it impossible for the enemies to triumph and thus they make it to the list of world ranking of the finest of security forces around.

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