7 Reasons Why You Should Enroll You Children In Music Lessons Right Now

Just because your kids are back at school, doesn’t mean they’re any less of a handful at home. The perennial, “Mom, I’m bored” is just as prevalent now as they were when your children were out enjoying the sun during their summer break. But with the frigid, sub-zero temperatures making playdates outside inadvisable, you need something that will occupy their time indoors. If you’re hesitant about letting your television be your babysitter, rest assured there are better ways to solve your children’s boredom.


Sign your children up for music lessons. It’s a fast and easy way to stave off those cries of ennui that only children can master. But it’s not just a way to keep them out of your hair during the evenings and weekends. When you get your children into music, you’re opening up a whole new world for them. That’s because learning to read and play music comes with a surprising number of physical, mental, and emotional advantages.

Boosts memory – When playing a musical instrument, the area of the brain that’s responsible for memory is activated. In this instance, the brain acts similar to any other muscle in the body. Say you spend an entire month practicing push ups; your arms, core, and back will be stronger. When your children practice playing an instrument, this part of their brains will grow larger and stronger. With enough practice, your children will have a better verbal and memory recall than others.

Increases IQ – Memory isn’t the only thing improved with deliberate practice. Recent studies show that when people of all ages play an instrument, their brain rewires itself. These new pathways allow for better processing of information. As a result, those who pick up an instrument see an improvement in their cognitive abilities and their overall IQ score.

Little trumpeter

Improves reading comprehension – When enrolled in music lessons, your children will be learning how to read music. Learning this new language improves their existing abilities. Children who take lessons regularly score higher in reading comprehension tests than their non-musically trained cohorts.

Develops math skills – Music theory is basically just math. As your child learns how to count notes and keep time with rhythms, their mathematical skills and ability to problem solve will improve.

Teaches discipline – Learning an instrument won’t just affect your children’s brain chemistry for the better. It will also teach them valuable life skills. As they start from the ground up, they’ll learn the importance of patience and discipline in their practice. After enough time devoted to their instrument, they’ll get to hear their improvement and see the tangible results of practice – something that they can apply to all areas of their life.

Reduces stress – Simply listening to a song has the power to lower stress. Recent studies have found that playing an instrument has an even more profound impact on the brain, affecting those areas that modulate emotions. It even has physiological effects that lower heart rate and blood pressure.

sad girl with a violin

Improves hand-eye coordination – Sports aren’t the only way to improve your children’s hand-eye coordination. The process of reading music off of a page and converting it into a note on their instruments will help improve their fine motor skills.

The true list of reasons why your children should start playing an instrument could go on for much longer than this, but you get the point; learning an instrument provides your children with the skills and tools to get further in life.

So take some time this winter to search through the best selection of musical instruments for your kids to find their favourites. Violin, piano, guitar—whatever they choose, they’ll receive these life-altering benefits. And best of all, you won’t hear about how bored they are anymore!

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