These superstitions after the death of a family member are weirder than you thought

These superstitions have prevailed through centuries and many of them are still believed by scores of people around the world.

Hold your breath

Remember World War II

The phrase has a serious connotation here. It is believed by some people that one should hold his breath while passing a cemetery. The spirits of the deceased have attachment to the mortal world and wish to come back to life. They try to enter the body of the passerby through his breath, so if you want to stop that from happing hold your breath at the sight of a cemetery or hearse. They suggest that pregnant women should whistle, as that would blow out the air from their body and prevent any spirit from entering their womb.

Flowers on the grave

Loss of relative

Flowers are obvious on a grave, as a part of tradition and paying last respects to the deceased. Well, you probably may not know the superstitions associated with it. It is said a wreath of flowers on the grave keeps the dead below the ground so that the spirit of the dead does not come out of the grave. According to some people, evil spirits do not take away the spirit of the ones those have flowers on their grave. A rather common one is that flowers grow on the graves of people who lead an honest life.

A thunderstorm after the funeral

Mulitple Lightning creating silhouettes

Do you remember any such incident? That the burial customs were finished and there was a thunderstorm. You probably thought that you guys must make haste before it pours. According to a legend, it means the soul of the deceased has entered heaven and a thunderstorm is a good omen. There are another set of people, who think that a thunderstorm indicates that the soul of the dead will move to a warm place.

Covering mirrors

Covering mirrors

Image Source : WeekinWeird.Com

There is a belief that looking at one’s image in a mirror at home is unluckily, if someone has died and the corpse is still at home. It is suggested that all the mirrors and pictures in the house should be covered. The reflection of the dead body in a mirror or a glass at home is a bad omen. The Europeans have gone a step further with the superstition, they say that if you look in the mirror while the dead body is still at home, the dead will be seen in the mirror, overlooking your shoulder.

The fear of bringing misfortune inhibits many to challenge these superstitions. You probably might have discarded them, but many are adamant to follow them.

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