6 – Most Famous UFO sightings ever

The Belgium Wave

The topic of life on something, other than our world, is a topic of raging debate. There are too many opinions on this matter and some instances that raise a lot of controversies regarding what exactly happened. These unidentified flying object sightings are many but in the absence of conclusive evidence it is all but a mystery with several possible explanations. In this article we will be telling you about some of such popular extra terrestrial encounter that will instill the thought yet again in you.

Some cases that can be considered the most famous UFO sighting ever

  1. Lubbock Lights in 1951:
    Lubbock Lights
    Image Source : thinkaboutitdocs.com
    When three scientists were taking a stroll outside they spotted a series of bright lights in a set pattern flying above them. The speed was supposedly great and this was even confirmed by the others who viewed it. In fact, a student of Texas Tech even snapped a picture which was widely published and viewed. However the investigating teams of the Project Blue book refused to accept these as alien spaceship and opined that those were actually birds that were reflecting the luminescence from the newly setup street lights of Lubbock.

  2. The Tehran incident in 1976:
    The Tehran incident in 1976
    Image Source :  i.imgur.com
    In 1976, a very bright light in the sky was reported by the citizens. To look into the matter, a F-4 fighter jet was sent out. As the aircraft neared the strange object it experienced a blackout of the instrument cluster and due to this mysterious incident had to return to the base. When a second one was sent, the pilot claimed that there was an attempt made to attack the aircraft. He too experienced problems with the instruments and somehow managed to make it back to base. However some theories have been offered such as a meteor shower which occurred that day and a possibility that the fighter jets were already malfunctioning. Still even to this day it is considered to be among the most famous UFO sighting ever.

  3. Roswell in 1947:
    Roswell in 1947
    Image Source :  universalstarseeds.com
    A rancher named Williams discovered wreckage and ruins in his field in New Mexico. It seemed to be like that of debris from a crash and had bits of plastic metallic rods and some papery scraps. When he reported it at the nearby base the closer alternative was probably that it was a low flying weather balloon that was downed. This is one of the most popular extra terrestrial encounters due to the debates surrounding it. Later on it was discovered that this was a part of Project Mogul which was being kept under wraps back then. It was high altitude balloons which necessary gear to try and detect Soviet nuclear tests and maybe just one of them crashed.

  4. Levelland in 1957:
    Levelland in 1957
    Image Source :  topicimages.mrowl.com
    Often we have seen in the movies about aliens that their arriving spaceship tampers with the electrical equipments on earth. In this mysterious incident some citizens of Levelland in Texas reported the same. On their complaints when further information was carried out it was thought of as an electrical storm combined with ball lightning. The only minor glitch to this tale is that there are no reports of such storms in that area on the given day and date.

  5. Randlesham Forest in 1980:
    Randlesham Forest in 1980
    Image Source :  theeventchronicle.com
    It would not be an overstatement if we said that this is one of the most famous UFO sighting ever. Some members at an US air force base had reported strange lights above the forests and someone went in to investigate. While the person claims to have seen something of the sorts of a spaceship there lies no conclusive evidence. However, it was observed that the trees and plants in its surrounding area could be increased but the hiding places had to be difficult. The radiation levels in this particular region are also somewhat higher than usual.

  6. The Belgium Wave:
    The Belgium Wave
    Image Source :  skeptoid.com
    The citizens reported that an UFO was flying in the sky and the matter was immediately taken up. Even the ground radar systems of the air force confirmed the situation and two F-16 jets were scrambled. However, the pilots lost them due to their speed and could only lock them in the radar. So there was no visual contact and yet due to the large number of people involved it is a popular extra terrestrial encounter. Not much sweat was broken over this matter because the investigations showed that there were no signs of hostility from the unidentified objects. Eventually the case was dropped but it still remains a mysterious incident that cannot be deciphered as of now.

Final words

These are some of the instances of supposed alien spaceship being spotted by people around the Earth. While any mysterious incident cannot be a certified case of unidentified flying object these are some of the more popular extra terrestrial encounter.

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