10 Strange cat behaviours and what they mean

Rolling around

Why do cats roll on their back like dogs, cry early morning or ignore their litter boxes? Let us take a look at these funny and strange cat behaviours and learn more about the cat sounds meaning and their antics.

10 strange cat behaviours

  1. Chattering:
    ChatteringYou might have observed that your cat emits an intense and fast teeth chattering, especially when it spots a bird out from the window. Behaviourists have speculated such cat sounds meaning as this is done by your cat out of frustration that it can’t go out to hunt its prey. It could also be excited or slightly aggravated. Others have revealed that this strange jaw moment made by your kitten is its natural instinct which makes it ready to kill its prey. In either of the way, this behaviour is completely normal for your cat.
  2. Rubbing: Strange cat behaviours like rubbing his head on you is actually something more than the love and affection to you or saying hello to you. Behaviourists call this practice as bunting. Pheromones are released from its head and it is in its own way showing the feeling of ownership to you. It is in pride showing that you belong to it.
  3. Eating non- food items:Eating non- food itemsDoes your cat enjoy eating or chewing non- edible items like metal, plastic, inedible plants, cloth or wood? This shows that your cat is in a rare condition called pica. The cause of such condition is often unknown, but some reasons could be speculated such as stress, boredom, genetics, hyperthyroidism, anemia and mineral deficiencies. If your cat is showing pica symptoms, you must get its full examination done by a veterinarian to know if there is any underlying problem. Treatments may include some dietary adjustments like providing small meals throughout the day, placing bitterants on chewed objects, social interactions and providing stimulation through games.
  4. Feline kneading: If the cat presses its paws on you and gives massage back and forth, this could be an enjoyable feline behaviour. This shows that it is happy or maybe it is trying to eliminate the stress level and is calming it down.
  5. Fits and sits:Fits and sitsCat is able to fit themselves comfortably into tight spaces but this never ceases to entertain or amaze us. There are a lot of comfortable places where the cat can reside. So why do they choose up such congested and weird places? It is because small places let the cats to feel secure and safe. If they are in out, they will fell unprotected as they think themselves to be susceptible by the predators.
  6. Litter fail:Defecating or urinating out of the litter box is most common complaint and behaviour shown by cats. Understand some serious causes behind this issue and know your cat better:

Medical causes: Inappropriate urination can be caused due to urethral obstruction, bladder stones, infection, bad urinary tract or bladder conditions like cystitis. Inappropriate defecation occurs because of anal sac disease, constipation and colitis. Litter fail can also occur due to any discomfort or pain including arthritis that affects the muscles, joints and nerves.

Behavioural causes: Litter fail can occur due to anxiety or stress due to other pets or some changes made in the household.

If such inappropriate elimination is observed, immediately seek the advice of a veterinarian to know your cat better.

7. Ear- Itation:Ear- ItationIf you observe the twitching of kitty’s ears back and forth, this means that the cat is expressing its agitation or anxiety. If the ears are just pointed straight, it means that they are alert and listening the noises in the surroundings.

  1. Cat eyes: If the cat is staring at you continuously, this means it wants your attention. If the stare gets intense, this means it is on a high alert at some situation. This could be a state of aggression or preparedness to fight. If the kitty is lowly blinking at you, this means she is showing affection towards you and telling you that she likes you.
  2. Rolling around:Rolling aroundRolling around at the back means that they are in a vulnerable position. If your kitty is doing this in front of you, this means it is safe to have you around and you are trustworthy to him. Rolling on the floor is to engage it in play time.
  3. Mid night cat calls and zoomies: Most of the household cats have enormous energy pent up during the day time and it has to be released soon by some weird feline quirks. This energy combined with the nocturnal cat instincts of hunting produces cat calls at night. Thus a regular exercise regime of your cat is recommended so that these weird feline quirks are avoided throughout the house in the middle of the night. Also feed your cat at night before sleep so that its desire to hunt gets reduced.

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