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What Type of Instagram Content Guarantees Most Followers

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Type of Instagram Content Guarantees Most Followers

Instagram is a visual form of communication, and continues to grow in popularity. It’s huge user base is testimony to the fact that users prefer to connect with and understand visual content. If you are thinking of starting an Instagram page, then check out the kind of content that will guarantee the most followers.

1. Inspirational quotes

People need motivation and inspiration, so inspirational quotes are one of the top content types which generate a ton of engagement. The quotes which get the most likes are ones which are on some universal subject which most users can connect to. You can post a quote which is related to your page, which could be about sports, fashion, or other entrepreneurial industries.

You could also use apps such as GetInsta to get free Instagram followers. 

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is a free applicationGetInsta is a free application which you can download on your mobile or computer. It is a 100% secure and safe hack, without any fear of your account being hacked or attacked by a virus. All you have to do is sign up with a valid email id and login with the email id.

Immediately after logging in, you will receive some GetInsta coins with which you can buy likes and followers. The likes as well as followers are from real accounts, so your page will get better ranking and visibility over a period of time. In the free option, you have to like and follow other users too.

GetInsta works in 16 languages, and you can choose your preferred language. It is very convenient as you can target audiences all over the world. For brands with a global audience, GetInsta can be a very useful marketing tool, as they can have Instagram pages with several languages and use GetInsta for all the pages.

You can utilize this Instagram followers app to your advantage, along with posting content which would appeal most to Instagrammers. 

2. Human faces

People looking at other people, their facial expressions which reveal their emotions could get you many followers. It has been found that photos which show faces get about 38% more likes. The photos which do not have faces do not seem to get as many likes. To increase engagement, especially if you are marketing products on Instagram, then make sure to use human faces in your marketing posts. 

3. Food

Food-photos-are-unfailingly-popularFood photos are unfailingly popular. We are all foodies at heart, and delicious, mouthwatering food photos are always liked, commented on and shared. 

4. User generated images/content

Sharing the photos/images sent by your customers or followers is great for business, and great to show your followers that you care. Your customers would be happy to be featured in your page and there’s nothing like posting content from happy customers either.

An example is GoPro which posts their customers photos and videos shot in extreme locations or situations all over the world.

5. Scenery and landscapes

Scenery and landscapesPhotos of beautiful scenery and landscapes are like a breath of fresh air from all the selfies. Use landscapes in a meaningful way to market your product. Travel pages, personal branding, food businesses (picnics outdoors), sports – any topic or product page can feature a stunning landscape sometimes.

6. Historical photos

Historical photos induce nostalgia in us, helping to remember and experience the achievements of past generations. Mike Tyson uses historical photos successfully to promote the products. Get free Instagram likes for all of your posts and increase your popularity. 

7. Animal photos/videos

Animal photosPhotos and videos of adorable puppies and cat videos seem to be irresistible to users. Almost all videos of animals are shared and commented on instantly. NatGeo photos are one of the best examples. 

8. Behind the scenes

Whether you are promoting a movie or a sports event or launching a new product, people like to see what goes on behind the scenes. Glimpses of your staff and what goes on during the making of something creates a human connection which is invaluable. 

9. Trending topics

Instagram Try to get in on the trending content and use the trending hashtags. Be creative and use the trendy topics to your advantage. For example, almost everyone got onto the Pokémon Go bandwagon.

Timely content, Instagram stories, tutorials and actionable advice are also content which get the most followers. With GetInsta and great posts, you can easily reach your follower goals in a short period of time.

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