Weird (and dumb) medical treatments that were ‘cutting edge’ in history

Medical treatments are a must for getting rid of health issues. However, these days there are some bizarre treatments which put at risk the safety of the patient. These uncanny treatments can prove to be life-threatening. Here are few such medical treatments:

  1. Liquid sunshine


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In the early 1900s,Radium was considered to be a highly beneficial element which was believed to help get rid of several health problems. As a result, people relied on liquid sunshine on water which had radium for remaining healthy. Radium found a place in chocolates, toothpaste, toys, cosmetic,impotency treatment and many other things. However several instances where people suffered from health hazards like tooth decay,problems in the jaw. Few US Radium employees suffered from anaemia necrosis of the jaw etc. Five employees even sued the company for the same.

  1. Metallic catheters

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This was one of the most painful medical treatments used in medieval era for the treatment of urinary tract infections,kidney stone treatment etc. A metal tube was inserted in the urethra and bladder. The procedure used was extremely painful. There were also cases where legs of the patient were strapped to the neck and the physician would literally sit on the patient and use of sharp objects to remove kidney stones.

  1. Bloodletting

L0041074 WMS 990 Bloodletting Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Man wearing a tourniquet, letting blood into a bowl. Two other bowls already filled with blood sit nearby. ca. 1675 Arzneibuch. Compendium of popular medicine and surgery, receipts, etc., in German. Compiled for the use of a House of the Franciscan Order, probably in Austria, or South Germany. Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

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This method was used by people in the medieval times to remain healthy. Here a vein was cut and the blood was allowed to flow. This method was based on the theory that the body fluids are humors. If a person wanted to stay healthy then they had to balance the body fluid levels and hence this method was used.

  1. Haemorrhoids


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One of the most painful ways of treating this disease was by inserting a hot iron rod. In some cases, a sharp knife was used to slit and make an opening. Some patients were even made to sit on hard rocks for hours.

  1. Tapeworm diet pills

Helps in weight loss

A mother was responsible for getting her teenage daughter who was a beauty contest aspirant gulp down tapeworm eggs to lose weight. Obviously, she landed in the emergency room of the hospital and a large number of tapeworms in the toilet. This bizarre practice was used even in the 18th and 19th century. But this is definitely something that one must never try.

  1. Python bile to treat genital ulcers

woman holds hands over her genital

This was used in ancient Chinese medicine. In the case, of ulcers on the female genital, this bile was applied externally as it had bile acids. However the effectiveness was not proved and this is surely a risky method.

These are some really life threatening medical treatments. It is best to stay away from them as they can only harm you.

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