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USB 2.0 Beer Can from Brando

brando usb 20 beer can

I had a strange habit of collecting cans when I was a toddler but that died down with all that adding up as junk and I didn’t know what to do with it. Wish I was this aware then, I wouldn’t have wasted that assortment for sure. I could have gone ahead and changed every single piece into a combo of a USB and a Card reader and sold millions of them by know, whoa!! What business frenzy! I shouldn’t be wasting anymore time here but talking straight about what I just told you, although you would have guessed the same by know, looking at the flick above. The fun USB hub is an innovation from Brando. What’s more is that fact that it is plug_and_play enabled too. Great gadget to say the least and cool of course!

brando usb 20 beer can image 2


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