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Treehouse Kit takes a jab at modern commercial sensibilites

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Created by artist Guy Ben-Ner for Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Biennial, the Treehouse Kit is a rather underhanded attempt at ridiculing the modern commercialized DIY sensibilities. The treehouse was created entirely out of dismantled furniture and used as a backdrop for a series of videos which mock and imitate various cultural themes such as the interaction with wood that Robinson Crusoe has in Daniel Defoe’s legendary tale. The slapstick tale reveals itself as a metaphor for modern educational processes which demand that in order to make something new something old has to be destroyed.

The thought provoking art project also makes us rethink our value system and how we view the processes of wealth creation. And just in case you thought all this philosophy was too heavy for you, you can also see this art installation as a really cool way to make yourself an indoor treehouse!

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Source: Woo Home


Futuristic treehouse
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A treehouse for Captain Jack Sparrow
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Castle-inspired treehouse look straight out of a fairytale
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Treehouse doubles up as alien mothership

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Eco-friendly treehouse for the green at heart

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