This girl’s freakishly huge tongue got her a world record

It looks gross but is real. Here, meet Adrianne Lewis, an 18-year old girl from Twin Lake Michigan who believes she has the longest tongue in the world. Her tongue actually seems to be the longest and Adrianne is in talks with the Guinness World Records to come and see whether her tongue, which is 4-inch long, is the longest or not. Even if her tongue does not turn out to be the longest but it is too long and is something incredible.

Touches her eyes with her incredibly long tongue

Adrianne Lewis 2

Image Source : I1.Mirror.Co.Uk

When this 18-year old girl sticks out her serpent like tongue, she easily touches her chin with it, takes it to the middle of her nose, and bends her arm and licks her elbow. Try to stick out yours and compare how incredibly long her tongue is than yours. In one of her videos, she has also shown how she touches her eyes with her tongue with a slight support of her hand.

Since her photographs and videos have gone viral, now everybody recognizes her as a girl with a serpent like tongue. She keeps uploading her pictures and videos to stun people while she actually awaits the response of the Guinness World Records authority. As of now, the record of having the longest tongue is in the name of a 24-year-old boy from California – Nick Stoeberl whose tongue measures 10.1 cm (3.9 inch long).

Heredity and sticking out tongue equally responsible for her serpent like tongue

Adrianne Lewis 3

Image Source : I1.Mirror.Co.Uk

In one of her videos, you can see her mother talking about the time when she discovered Adrianne having a long tongue, as she used to love sticking out her tongue all the time, especially when she wanted to tease a bully in her class. Her mother also disclosed a fact that it is not only Adrianne who is blessed with a long tongue but she herself and her mother and grandfather had long tongues as well. However, Adrianne believes that heredity certainly has its role in her long tongue but her sticking it out has more to do with it, as it might have caused it to stretch.

Adrianne Lewis 4

Image Source : I2.Mirror.Co.Uk

Two years ago, Adrianne had started her own YouTube channel to showcase her long tongue and tricks she plays with it. She got such a good start that she managed to get 250 views the first day itself. She gets a lot of attention and appreciation from people across the globe but sometimes some discomforting comments also, which she prefers to delete from his social media profile at the earliest.

Adrianne is becoming popular for her claim that her tongue is the longest while she awaits the decision of the Guinness World Records.

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