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The clocks that soothes you

fan clock

The clock isn’t quite a doodad I like for every time I give it a glare it gives me a sarcastic message that I am late to get my next errand completed, even whilst I jot down these small snippets here. How I wish that we never bothered about time but then the world would have been a paradise! Alas, the fact is that every thing in this world is time bound or else defined by duration, even the number of years we live.

So how can one make this scary boondoggle, a pleasant object? I won’t mind it giving me an airy whiff after passing that message oozing with sarcasm; probably the only way I could have thought it to be a soother. It is possible people, when you acquire the fan clock which runs on the principle of a binary clock and the moment the fan relaxes you get to know the time. Follow the source link just to know how it exactly works.


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