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Talking Jesus Doll – Invaluable gift for your child

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Conservatives might not like it, but there is a Jesus doll that you could buy for your child. If that is not all, the doll recites easy-to-memorize verses from the New Testament and the Old Testament. It may help parents to imbibe Christian values in a more child friendly way. Young children, especially below the age of 12, learn a lot from playing. Playing forms the basic learning method during a child’s developmental stages and if one has to instill religious values, a talking doll in the form of Jesus might just be the idea. It may help in nurturing a personal relationship between your child and God.

Though it might not appeal to many parents and they may feel that the sermons and masses at the church cannot be substituted with a doll, many would be interested in providing their children with religious education in a more child friendly manner. The doll measures 12 inches and is robed in authentic linen robes, coarse shawl, rope belt and traditional sandals. The Talking Jesus Doll is priced $19.95 and comes with a Prayer Book as well.


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