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Chameleon effect: Sportswear that synchronizes color with body heat

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Keri Wallace, a UK based textile designer has exclusively designed a range of ‘motion responsive’ sportswear that literally ‘senses’ the alterations in the body owing to the rigorous physical activity to alter its shade, much similar to the chameleons found in nature. However, unlike its zoological counterpart that changes colors at its wish, this scientific apparel alters its colors in the spectrum of white to black sensing the alterations in the body temperature and the pulse rate. The texture of the motion responsive sportswear has been embedded with temperature sensitive thermo-chromic and thermo-chromic liquid crystal inks that are utterly sensitive even with minutest temperature alterations. Well, this dynamic sportswear could make an easy account of the person’s agile physical activity — with plumpy guys exhibiting a cool blue and ones like Usain Bolt sporting red hot shades!

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