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Shock-proof storm-proof Windmill Delta Lighter

windmill delta shockproof lighter msp 1333

How many times has it been that just when you wanted to light a fire in a snow/wind/rain storm and your dad’s old lighter went bust? Not many times? Well, we wouldn’t want you to take a chance anyway so we suggest you get your hands on one of these super fine Windmill Delta Lighter that can deliver you a flame even in the most extreme conditions. The lighter is completely shock-proof, water resistant and can operate even when you got the winds lashing your back at 70-80mph. With a unique Piezoelectric Ignition System, and 5 separate O-ring seals, the delta shockproof series of lighters burn cleanly at nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit making it just the perfect outdoor and sport must-have. P.S. also good for your cigarettes, pipes and cigars!
Price: $37.80
Source: Gear Crave

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