Sci-fi tree-tent by Dre Wapenaar

sci fi tent

After experiencing quite a good industrial bliss, we are again moving towards nature to experience what we have lost over the years. For some it is the panacea, for some a bliss, and for some inspiration. Whatever, nature is becoming a part of our lives again. What exactly is going on in there?

If you don’t have time enough to move on to the open wild, here is a fun way to experience the excitement of camping in your backyard. An additional advantage is that, this article will also give you the feel of the tech world we are living in.

This tent has been created by Dutch sculptor and designer Dre Wapenaar, well known for his cool architectural tents. This one in particular can be fixed above the ground, between the branches. The diameter of the tent measures nine foot and comes with a pretty nice mattress inside. The space provided is big enough for two people to sleep comfortably and thus, this ensures you that you won’t have to be alone.

The tent can be also adjusted to the ground with tools provided for that. Wake up amidst nature and yeah, this costs just for $50,000.

Source: Neimanmarcus

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