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ReVision Table: Redefining heights of creativity !

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People who subscribe to magazines trash them up once they are done with the reading. Okay, so if someone asked you to recycle these magazines, what would your answer be? The most common answer would be to use them to make paper bags, isn’t it? But if you are creative enough and can look beyond the ordinary, you can re-use the magazines and come up with some brilliant stuff. Now, how about creating a stylish table from used magazines? No kidding, take a look at this brilliant out-of-the-box idea by Artists For Humanity and you’ll know what I am talking about. ReVision Tables are recreated from reclaimed junk mail and magazines. Once the pieces are assembled, the surfaces are finished with a no-voc eco-friendly resin which is water resistant and easy to clean with eco-friendly products. If you are a eco-geek looking for eco friendly and contemporary products for your interiors, this one sure fits the bill. All you need is to write a cheque for $300-$650 depending on the model you choose.

via: GadgetNews

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