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Bring the golf course to your desktop with the USB Putt Returner

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If you are a diehard golf-lover who has been forced to ignore the irresistible beckoning of the green fields and the holes because of work and other obligations, the Putt Returner might come as some consolation. It is a miniature golf course right on your desktop!

Playing on this Putt Returner is a whole lot of fun. Simply connect the game to the USB port of your computer. The devoted golf player will guess the rest. You will need to position the 12mm ball on your desk a little distance away from the Putt Returner. The next step would be to line up your putt properly. Take a breath, concentrate, and swish the ball with the putter.

If the ball comes back to you obediently, you will know you have hit the hole. Entertain yourself and satisfy your quest for challenge by trying to hit the holes from various angles and distances. Organize your own mini-golf tournament by rounding up all your colleagues. Keep an eye out for the boss though. Something tells me he wouldn’t appreciate this wonderful little piece of game in his office.

This might be a feeble compensation for one passionate about golf. Okay, so it isn’t really a perfect substitute for the ‘real thing’, but as they say, something is better than nothing. This one has a lot of positive points as well. To begin with, you save on the court fees. Also, You can do without your special golf clothes. The Putt Returner doesn’t require batteries and runs on all PC operating systems including Windows Vista™.

When you buy this, let’s see what all you get in the bargain: 1 USB Putt Returner with flag, 2 miniature putters and 6 miniature golf balls. To sum up, this lush green stretch is undoubtedly cute.

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