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Record: Gravity-defying loop-the-loop in a real car

worlds highest loop the loop

Steve Truglia is a stuntman who defied gravity on the world’s biggest loop-the-loop. Well, it may sound simple but a moment’s hesitation could have been fatal. He entered the loop in his yellow Toyota at exactly 37mph, with 16mph as the vehicle approached the 40ft loop, round the top. He successfully managed to pull off the stunt and became the first Britisher attempting the highest loop-the-loop in a real car.

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Steve Truglia successfully completed the stunt by precise control of centripetal – often incorrectly known as centrifugal – force.

The Toyota had to be traveling fast enough that the centripetal force generated by its circular motion ‘offset’ the downward pull of gravity. This required the stuntman to enter the loop at exactly 37mph, immediately change out of gear and slow to 16mph as the vehicle swung round the top.

He was helped by the fact that the front and back of the car had been carved off to stop it scraping the track and slowing down.

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Via: DailyMail

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