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“Re-Tyre” chair concept by Carl Menary

re tyre UFI7m 1333
Recycling is so damn hot in the design world these days. This Tokyo-based cellphone accessories manufacturer used old tires to make funky cellphone cases, straps and cleaners and now designer Carl Menary has put the rubber to make these awesome seat thingies, sort of. Well, the “Re-Tyre” concept isn’t exactly what you would traditionally call a chair but you know what, it is a great step in the green direction and we certainly need to have disposed stuff repurposed and reincorporated in the course of our daily lives. I know this chair made out of an old tire isn’t something you’d put in your living rooms, but it seems to be so great for use in outdoor areas like parks, patios and other public spaces.

re tyre2 IETez 1333

Source: Yanko Design

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