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Putin to fight terrorism with his Russian Banjo?

1 jPJIM 183
Using the US Supreme Court gun ban ruling that could settle the decades-old debate over whether the Second Amendment grants individuals the right to own firearms as a backdrop, Musical Weaponsis a Photoshop strange pictures contest that asked regular Joes to send in their interpretations of what their fav musical instruments would look like if they were to be turned into a weapon.

2 rp8KV 183
4 ygKtt 1833 rjIWq 183
Needless to say the results were hilarious and witty and the Russian Banjo played by the good old Mr. Putin is just my fav. Other notable entries were the Autoload trumpet and the 45 Caliber, though we certainly don’t think the jackpot prizes of $5 for 1st place, $3 for 2nd place, $2 for 3rd place and $1 for the 4th place in the competition really would have motivated anyone in these gas-inflated times!

Source: Unique Daily & freakingnews

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