Quick and Easy: How to Select The Right Hand Sanitiser For You

Select The Right Hand Sanitiser For You

Hand sanitiser is a must have for any household. It’s always at the top of our shopping lists when we go to the supermarket, and it has become something that everyone in our family uses on a daily basis. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your hands germ-free and safe from the spread of illnesses that are easily passed through touching surfaces commonly touched by others, such as door knobs. With so many different brands and types on the market, it can be hard to know which one will work best for you.

Hand Sanitisers Have Many Different Forms

There are many different forms you can find them in. Gel is the most popular form of hand sanitiser, but foam and wip will also do well when it comes to cleaning your hands. Hand sanitising gel is one of the most popular forms because it’s easy to carry around with you in order to clean up after using the restroom or before preparing food (if that applies). Foam and wip work just as well at getting your hands clean though! Which type should you use?

Hand Sanitisers Should Contain At Least 60% Alcohol

When looking for a hand sanitiser, look for one that has at least 60% alcohol content. This will ensure that the product is effective against germs and bacteria. There are many benefits to using hand sanitizers compared to traditional soap, including being more convenient and not leaving your hands feeling dry or causing irritation due to allergies.

Additionally, you can find hand sanitizers in different scents so they remain appealing even during flu season when people tend to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible. You can also use them on other parts of your body besides just your hands if needed! Just be sure it contains at least 60% alcohol content before applying it elsewhere to ensure maximum protection! 

Store Hand Sanitiser in an Easy-to-Reach Spot

Store hand sanitiser in an easy-to-reach spot like the kitchen counter so it’s easily accessible. This way, you’ll never forget to use a quick spritz before handling food or eating after coming inside from being outside.

It will also help reduce cold and flu symptoms by killing germs on your hands that could potentially make you sick. For example, if someone sneezes on their hand and then touches your food without washing their hands first, the germs from the person’s nose can be transferred to your food where they might not have been visible or detected before.

We all know that we should wash our hands with soap and water when we come into contact with high touch surfaces and that includes the hand of other people but sometimes we ignore this fact because hand washing can be a hassle for some. This is where hand sanitisers come in, they’re easy to use so make sure they’re always somewhere easy to reach!

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